I was born in Mankato, Minnesota to two Nigerian immigrants. I’ve paid rent in New Delhi, Greensboro, Bangalore, San Francisco and Dharamshala, but I currently reside in Chicago.

I'm the founder & former Chief Executive Officer of Travel Noire, an award-winning boutique travel company. We reach over 2MM travelers a month & our goal is to change the way we view international travelers, forever. In 2017, Travel Noire was acquired by Blavity. You can read more about why I sold my company here.

Previously, I cloned a gene as a biologist, ran a national anti-tobacco campaign, helped open a Civil Rights Museum & traveled through 90% of Asia.

I love my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. I desire to live my life submitted to His Will.

I also love building things, photography and all things design. You can find my biography here.